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Discussion & Position Papers

Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent Emerging Risks: A Practical Guide For Food Manufacturers

A white paper that explains how predictive analytics may add value in the risk mitigation and prevention practices of food manufacturing companies.

Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics for Food Risk Prevention

A discussion paper on the use of food safety predictive analytics.

Digital Transformation of Food Quality & Safety

A discussion paper about the changes we should expect across the food supply chain.

Digital Science Recommendations for Food & Agriculture

A discussion paper with invited contributions from Europe and the world.

Educational Videos & Demos

Forecasting Food Safety Risks through highly accurate AI models: How can our Forecasting AI models help you identify early emerging and unexpected risks adding value to your Food Safety workflows?

In this webinar, AI expert Mihalis Papakonstantinou (Data Team Leader at Agroknow) offers a Deep Dive into the rationale behind our forecasting models and how those are reflected on FOODAKAI’s AI modules, while one of our key partners, PepsiCo, shares their use case on how forecasting analytics have contributed to preventive measures in their organization.

Key Food Safety Trends in 2023: Which are the top-10 emerging risks that AI models predict

In this webinar Prof. Chris Elliott, Giannis Stoitsis, Vera Petrova Dickinson and Richard Stadler discuss the top-10 emerging risks that FOODAKAI’s AI models predict for 2023, how these predictions are calculated and how they affect the critical strategic & operational decisions.

Webinar: The future of digital food safety in global FMCG manufacturers

In this webinar, Nikos Manouselis, Giannis Stoitsis, and Colin Christmas (Managing Director of EAGLE Certification Group explain the ways in which digital risk intelligence platforms may be deployed in FMCG manufacturers and particularly focus on key challenges that need to be addressed, as well as share industry case studies and best practice.

Webinar: The salmonella-in-choco case explained for Large Food Manufacturers

In this webinar, Giannis Stoitsis, Roger Hancock, and Neil Marshall discuss whether there were early signs for the massive chocolate recalls that hit the market in April ’22, and how predictions could have prevented these recalls or could have facilitated the recall management processes.

Emerging Tech Trend Report: How AI can help prevent risks in the food supply chain

Giannis Stoitsis explains how predictive analytics can help food manufacturers prevent supply chain risks, through a case study on beef fraud, in the first Emerging Tech Trend Report by New Food Magazine.

FDA’s TechTalk Podcast: Artificial Intelligence in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety

In this podcast hosted by the FDA, Nikos Manouselis offered his insight on how AI and predictive analytics can contribute to food safety, and discussed with prestigious experts from Mars and Creme Global.

Webinar: Demystifying Food Risk Predictions for Large Food Manufacturers – the case of ETO

In this webinar, Nikos Manouselis & Giannis Stoitsis explain ways in which predictive analytics may be used to identify rapidly emerging threats in the supply chain of food manufacturing companies, so that the right mitigation actions may be taken.

Webinar: Supplier Risk Assessment – The backbone of a successful food risk prevention strategy

In this webinar, Giannis Stoitsis & Neil Marshall present how to automate the risk ranking of food suppliers, by leveraging AI-powered tools that can combine loads of data, multiple parameters, and risk predictions to give all the necessary information for an efficient supplier risk assessment.

Webinar: Predictive Analytics as a Food Risk Mitigation Tool

In this webinar, we present a real-world case study on how predictive analytics can help improve risk preventive measures. Giannis Stoitsis (CTO of Agroknow) and Alessandro Ruggeri (Global Suppliers Quality Management at Barilla) show how to easily optimize a food company’s lab testing plan, predict emerging risks in a food supply chain, and boost the risk assessment process.

Webinar: Food Risk Predictions

In this webinar, Chris Elliott (Queen’s University Belfast), Giannis Stoitsis (Agroknow) & Neil Marshall (Guv Consulting International LLC) analyze food risk predictions for key ingredient & product categories, and explain how to take advantage of predictive analytics to identify emerging risks in your supply chain.

GFSI21 Special Session: The Promise & Perils of Predictive Analytics for Food Safety

In our GFSI21 Special Session we talked with prestigious food safety leaders from The Coca-Cola Company, Amazon and the FDA about predictive analytics. Can this AI-powered technology help predict food risks before they occur? Or will it become yet another overrated technology hype?

GFSI21 Tech Talk: Introducing Data as a Service

In our GFSI21 Tech Talk we introduced for the first time an online solution called Riskadata, that simplifies and unifies the access to the global food safety data that can be used for risk assessment and prediction.

Webinar: Emerging Risk Identification

WFSR and Agroknow join forces for a webinar introducing a systems-based approach for longer-term hazard forecasting. Hans Marvin & Yamine Bouzembrak present prediction models that incorporate macro-variables, such as climate conditions and agrichemical use to predict future food contamination levels.

Webinar: Risk Assessment & Prediction

Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Safety at Queen’s University Belfast, and Giannis Stoitsis, CTO & Partner at Agroknow share tips and insights on how to get efficient food risk assessment and prediction.

Webinar: Food Risk Predictions for companies without a Data Science Team

Not all food companies have data science teams. They still need to predict risks affecting critical key ingredients and suppliers. Kelsey Robson (ABP Food Group) and Mihalis Papakonstantinou (Agroknow) present such a case study.

Webinar: Predictive Analytics for Food Risk Prevention

In this webinar, hosted by Agroknow & KU Leuven Research University, we present insights into the business challenges for the food industry as well as the scientific challenges for UX researchers regarding predictive analytics, and how to overcome them.

Episode 6: Case studies of predicting food risks in choco and dairy products

In the last episode of this mini video series, Giannis Stoitsis presents a case study on predicting food risks in choco & dairy products.

Episode 5: How to assess operational requirements?

In this episode, Giannis Stoitsis talks about integrating predictions into an operation mode.

Episode 4: How to select the right prediction metric?

In this episode, Giannis Stoitsis explains how we can measure if a prediction algorithm is working properly.

Episode 3: How to select the right algorithm?

Determining which predictive analytics techniques work best for a particular challenge is the key to making the most of a predictive analytics solution.

Episode 2: How to select the right data?

In this episode, Giannis Stoitsis, CTO & Agroknow partner, presents the right data subsets, in order to address the questions raised in our previous episode

Episode 1: How to choose the right problem?

Talking about the Food Safety intelligence equation we need to solve for more effective predictive analytics.

Food safety predictions for Busy People – Intro

How should food safety predictive analytics work to ensure that they deliver reliable predictions to support business-critical decisions.

FOODAKAI, a fast overview

FOODAKAI: Minimize food safety risks in your supply chain

AgTech Innovators Meetup, Athens 2019

The AgTech Innovators Meetup 2019 was an opportunity for all stakeholders to exchange views.

How can we improve food production and safety?

Open Data Institute Summit 2016 – Nikos Manouselis, Co-Founder & CEO of Agroknow.

Existing & Emerging Risk Estimation through Foodakai platform

5 easy steps on how any Food Safety & Quality Assurance professional can identify products.

Case Studies & Insight Reports

Non-Alcoholic Beverages White Paper

Lessons learned for non-alcoholic beverages from global food safety and fraud data.

Chocolate Industry White Paper

Lessons learned for the chocolate products from global food safety and fraud data.

FOODAKAI Raw Milk Bulletin

The latest Industry Bulletin, including global food safety & food protection insights for the milk industry.

FOODAKAI Cheese Bulletin

The latest Industry, including global food safety & food protection insights for the cheese industry.

FOODAKAI Dairy Industry Report

Lessons learned for the Dairy Industry from global food safety and fraud data.

7 Steps for a remote supplier assessment

How can I assess my suppliers and facilities now that I cannot travel to conduct audits?

Best Practices 

7 Steps for a remote supplier assessment

How can I assess my suppliers and facilities now that I cannot travel to conduct audits?

Risk mitigation through relevant technology

Presentation at AFISServices Food Industry Workshops, August 2020 on The use of relevant technology, data, and strategies for risk mitigation

Move from reaction to prevention

Agroknow’s presentation at GFSI 2020 on how to predict the food safety hazards and incidents that we should expect to see in 2020.