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White Papers & bulletins

Non-Alcoholic Beverages White Paper

Lessons learned for non-alcoholic beverages from global food safety and fraud data.

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Chocolate Industry White Paper

Lessons learned for the chocolate products from global food safety and fraud data.

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FOODAKAI Raw Milk Bulletin

The latest Industry Bulletin, including global food safety & food protection insights for the milk industry.

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FOODAKAI Cheese Bulletin

The latest Industry, including global food safety & food protection insights for the cheese industry.

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FOODAKAI Dairy Industry Report

Lessons learned for the Dairy Industry from global food safety and fraud data.

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7 Steps for a remote supplier assessment

How can I assess my suppliers and facilities now that I cannot travel to conduct audits?

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Presentations & Discussion papers

Digital Transformation of Food Quality & Safety

A discussion paper about the changes we should expect across the food supply chain.

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Risk mitigation through relevant technology

Presentation at AFISServices Food Industry Workshops, August 2020 on The use of relevant technology, data, and strategies for risk mitigation

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Move from reaction to prevention

Agroknow’s presentation at GFSI 2020 on how to predict the food safety hazards and incidents that we should expect to see in 2020.

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Digital Science Recommendations for Food & Agriculture

A discussion paper with invited contributions from Europe and the world.

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Demos & Videos

Episode 3: How to select the right algorithm?

Determining which predictive analytics techniques work best for a particular challenge is the key to making the most of a predictive analytics solution.

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Episode 2: How to select the right data?

In this episode, Giannis Stoitsis, CTO & Agroknow partner, presents the right data subsets, in order to address the questions raised in our previous episode

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Episode 1: How to choose the right problem?

Talking about the Food Safety intelligence equation we need to solve for more effective predictive analytics.

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Food safety predictions for Busy People – Intro

How should food safety predictive analytics work to ensure that they deliver reliable predictions to support business-critical decisions.

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FOODAKAI, a fast overview

FOODAKAI: Minimize food safety risks in your supply chain

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AgTech Innovators Meetup, Athens 2019

The AgTech Innovators Meetup 2019 was an opportunity for all stakeholders to exchange views.

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How can we improve food production and safety?

Open Data Institute Summit 2016 – Nikos Manouselis, Co-Founder & CEO of Agroknow.

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Existing & Emerging Risk Estimation through Foodakai platform

5 easy steps on how any Food Safety & Quality Assurance professional can identify products.

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