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We Help Prevent Food Recalls

Predict which hazards may affect your ingredients. Monitor supplier performance around the world. Safeguard consumer trust to your brand.

We care about your products. Like you, we are frustrated when a recall takes place. Especially, if we know that warning you on time could have helped prevent it.

Predict Risks in Your Supply Chain

The food risk prediction platform that helps food safety teams take informed preventive measures and avoid product recalls.


“I think it’s a great tool and I use it every day. A global database with TONS of data, able to customize the information for our specific products and generate risk assessment reports. My favorite FOODAKAI feature is the Remote Risk Assessment”

Lori Robson, Sr. Quality Specialist, Conagra Brands, Inc.

Getting your risk prediction plan

1. See how it works

Take a look at a recorded video that introduces FOODAKAI, the #1 food risk prediction platform.

2. Schedule a call

Set up a call to tell us about your requirements, see more of FOODAKAI, and get all your questions answered.

3. Receive your plan

Get a comprehensive proposal with the FOODAKAI subscription plan that best serves your needs.


“This is the Ferrari of food risk monitoring, assessment and prevention platforms”

Head of Global Suppliers Quality Management, Major European Food Group

Learn more about predicting food risks

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