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Use AI to Prevent Food Recalls

Forecast trends in food safety incidents.

Predict hazards affecting your supply chain.

Change into a proactive risk prevention mode.


“There is a real need for this type of AI.”

Mark Bristow, Global Quality Assurance, Food Safety and Technical Director

In today’s challenging environment, a plethora of food risks threaten the safety of your products. Microbiological hazards, chemical contaminants, food fraud, and so many others.

You are always on the lookout for emerging risk on the horizon. But you still worry. Threats arrive. Recalls happen. You need to safeguard consumer trust in your brand.

We care about your products. Like you, we are frustrated when a recall takes place. Especially, if we know that warning you on time could have helped prevent it.

Since 2008, organizations like FAO of the UN, the World Bank and US FDA consider us to be global experts in food supply chain data & analytics. Delivering AI-powered software solutions that forecast emerging food risks.

Predict Risks in Your Supply Chain

The food risk intelligence platform that predicts food safety risks to inform the right preventive measures.


“This is the Ferrari of food risk monitoring, assessment and prevention platforms”

Alessandro Ruggeri, Head of Global Suppliers Quality Management, Barilla

Get started with AI

See how AI works

Request a demo of FOODAKAI to see predictive analytics in action.

Run a pilot

We run together a feasibility pilot of 1-3 months to select the best way of introducing FOODAKAI to your company.

Deploy AI to prevent risks

We ensure a smooth deployment of FOODAKAI that brings immediate value to your safety, quality and supplier assurance teams.

Avoid the
challenge of

Unexpected, unforeseen food safety risks in
the supply chain
Risk prevention plans updated infrequently
or only after a crisis
Extremely large, diverse and complex food
safety data volumes
Cumbersome & complex spreadsheets for
critical risk assessment tasks

“It’s important for global brands to understand the upside potential of AI in risk management. It can bring huge productivity benefits, saving time, money and potential recalls. FOODAKAI would have helped my team mitigate and prevent crises in a more proactive manner.”

– Neil Marshall, ex- Global Director of Quality & Food Safety at The Coca-Cola Company


“I think it’s a great tool and I use it every day. A global database with TONS of data, able to customize the information for our specific products and generate risk assessment reports.”

Lori Robson, Sr. Quality Specialist, Conagra Brands, Inc.

Learn more about predicting food risks

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