Passion is energy*, from focusing on what really excites you. And this is something drives people together towards a common goal. That is the reason behind all Agroknow’s actions over the year. To drive passion into the hearts of its employees.

And what a year 2023 has been! Full of adventures and excitement. Adventures aiming to educate, refresh our minds and hearts, bring closer together, challenge us, help us learn a bit more about each other and discover what connects and brings value to our everyday position responsibilities.

To commemorate all this, we decided to take a look back at some of these experiences. Let’s go!


Day in the Christodoulous Family’s Juice Factory

Back in May, we had the pleasure of visiting Christodoulous Family’s Juice Factory for an exciting tour of the facilities. The team learned all about, the history of the factory, the production of various types of juices, the quality control and testing processes followed by an intriguing tasting experience of the products.


5km run at B2Run 2023

Healthy mind in healthy body is something we aspire to, so we set in action in June in the B2Run 5km marathon for companies.  The team came together to run (or walk) in the OAKA stadium. There, we had the chance to connect over our sweat and tears as well as meet other professionals from companies around the country. Tired? We definitely were. But also fulfilled, proud and entertained.


Daytrip to Hydra island

Expanding on our blue-sky Fridays, were Fridays for Agroknow are days off, we planned a short trip to fight the Summer Heat. That’s why in July, we embarked early on boat to the island. We swam, sunbathed, roamed the central town of the island and did nothing but getting to know each other. Over delicious seafood and ice-cream, we discovered interesting things about each other including vacation plans. Later that day refreshed and mostly tanned, we boarded the ship back to our base.


Annual 3-day Strategic Retreat

In continuation to our yearly tradition, in November we visited the Mana Hotel in central Peloponnese. Up in the mountains of Arkadia and surrounded in mystical woods we held our annual strategic retreat. For 3 days we participated in strategic sessions, team-bonding exercises, with ample coffee and food to keep us alert. At nights we gathered around the fire, to share scary but also inspiring stories. Down by the lake we found our centre. We reminded ourselves what connects and brings us together as our 5 values passion, accountability, teamwork, honesty and respect shown threw as did the light of the sun over the edges of the surrounding mountains.


End-of-the-year-Christmas Party

To top off a great year, in December we held our Christmas party. After a riveting Secret Santa gift exchange, we toasted to another successful year and danced into the night under the glittering lights.


Off to another great year!

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*Oprah Winfrey