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Work with us!

Agroknow believes the world would be a better place if we can ensure everyone has access to safe food. Our mission is to collect, translate and enrich global food safety data by harnessing emerging technologies to achieve greater visibility across the supply chain. The intelligence we provide enables food & beverages companies to make decisions with confidence.

We want our team members to share the higher purpose in what we do. To commit to (and demand)  behaviours that are driven by our commonly agreed values. To be part of the effort to become the best versions of ourselves through what we do – together.

What we promise to each other:

To respect each and every colleague, partner or client. To work as a team rather as individuals, regardless of seniority, expertise or talent. To welcome and expect accountability. To communicate in a fair and transparent manner. To be willing to go the extra mile in every little thing.

Simply put, to create an environment where every one can enjoy and love their job.

If you like what you read and you believe Agroknow is a good fit for your next professional step, click below and let us know.

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