Who we are

A unique blend of data, computing, agronomy, food and marketing scientists.

The right team

For the past 12 years, we have been helping organizations around the world create value from all types of food and agriculture data.

Co- Founder & CEO

Working on agricultural data since 2005. Taking care of business since 2008. His motto? ‘Trust the Process.’

Partner & CTO

The father of Agroknow Products with an exceptional instinct for hidden client challenges. Has the magic touch that helps our technology teams deliver with pride. Beware of his serious looks, as his sense of humor is the wittiest.

Partner & Innovation Advisor

A serial entrepreneur and seasoned CEO. Fell instantly in love with Agroknow and its products. Has an extensive network, a sharp business acumen, and a multidimensional perspective over business.

Head of Accounts & Sales

A food-tech aficionado with a design-thinking mindset. Passionate about connecting with people, enabling global ecosystems, and new gastronomic experiences.

Head of Operations

Ensures that everything runs cool and smooth. Does scoreboards and metrics better than anyone else.

People & Alignment Manager

Guarantees that we play by our values, stay focused on our goals, and keep daily habits that work like magic.

Head of Marketing

Passionate, positive & ambitious. Has digital marketing superpowers that help us understand and serve our premium clients. Always in the look for new go to market strategies.

Data Services Leader

Top-tier data engineer and passionate for food safety data. Loves open software stacks, crawling that aggregates data from all over the world, and sharing data-powered hacks with our finance team.

Data Scientist

The machine learning enthusiast that gets her hands dirty with loads of messy data. Enjoys stressing prediction algorithms until they deliver.

Software Engineer

Calm, smiling and happy to deliver solutions that support critical business decisions. His code is clean, consistent, and always bug free.

Software Engineer

Perfecting the art of developing software modules that can fully integrate. Connects the digital dots to make data travel flawlessly and make our users happy.

Accounting Assistant

Moved in from another city to guarantee that our R&D accounting runs smoothly. Turns on the charms to make sure that everything is done in the right way.

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