Who we are

The data & analytics company that uses AI to predict risks & prevent food recalls.

Offering FOODAKAI, a cloud-based risk intelligence platform that helps safety, quality and supplier assurance teams in food manufacturers, retailers, and food service chains.

Global experts in food supply chain data & analytics, helping people make better decisions with food & agriculture data since 2008.

Nikos Manouselis, Ph.D.

Co- Founder & CEO

Sees the big picture. Connects the fine dots. Pushes the boundaries. Trusts the process.

Giannis Stoitsis

Giannis Stoitsis, Ph.D.

Partner & CTO

Αn exceptional instinct for hidden client challenges. Α magic touch that helps our technology team deliver with pride.

Konstantinos Mavros

Partner & Innovation Advisor

Serial entrepreneur and seasoned CEO. Has an extensive network, a sharp business acumen, and a multidimensional perspective over business.

Babis Thanopoulos, Ph.D.

Head of Operations

Ensures that everything runs cool and smooth. Does scoreboards and metrics better than anyone else.

Chrysi Soultogianni

Head of Customer Success

Has first-hand experience of the food industry’s challenges. Food safety expert focused on driving customer value, with a problem solving attitude.

Faye Gkeka

Head of Sales

Meets people, loves interaction, and finds the best way to work with you. Makes sure our machine never runs out of fuel.

Francesca Tsaropoulou

Head of People

Guarantees that we play by our values, stay focused on our goals, and keep daily habits that work like magic.

Christos Sbokos

Head of Marketing & Comms

On a mission to ensure that every food safety professional hears from and about us. Connects audiences with channels.

Marina Bifsha

Strategic Accounts

Builds empowered relationships with our customers, suggests the right solutions to meet their needs, keeps them happy and engaged.

Mihalis Papakonstantinou

Data Services

Loves open software stacks, crawling that aggregates food safety data from all over the world, and data-powered hacks that he can share with the team.

Manos Karvounis

Research & Innovation

Ensures that we work on the most cutting-edge problems at the intersection of food safety and novel software. Always ready to crack a joke at a moment’s notice.

Maira Volitaki

Marketing & Comms

Keeps our content machine running at full speed. Curates blog posts & organizes webinars about food safety, risks and intelligence.

Zacharoula Theodorakopoulou

Data Curation

The human brain that works next to our machine data processing workflow. Record after record, rule after rule, byte after byte she ensures data quality and accuracy.

Vasilis Papaspiliou

Project Management

Makes sure that our EU project operations run smoothly. Keeps in touch with our partners, gets the paperwork done in no time, and is always willing to help the team.

Nikos Chatziandreou

Software Engineering

Guarantees that everything you see and interact with runs smoothly at all times.  Makes sure that all our data are displayed the best way possible.

Artemis Christodoulou

Marketing & Comms

Our marketing front-line. Connects us with our audience and takes over every presentation happily.

Giorgos Petsangourakis

Data Engineering

Data & software enthusiast. Determined to take our data reliability and quality to the next level.

Marina Vounatsou

Data Curation

Ensures we provide high quality of the most accurate food safety data, collected from various sources. Adds the human touch to our AI.

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