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Agroknow 2023: A year of fun in review

Passion is energy*, from focusing on what really excites you. And this is something drives people together towards a common goal. That is the reason behind all Agroknow’s actions over the year. To drive passion into the hearts of its [...]

How to tackle your supplier risk assessment challenges

Few would disagree that for food companies, the safety of their products comes first. Supplier risk is manifold. You look to safeguard your supply chain while keeping your consumers' health at heart as well. Supplier risk assessment is therefore one [...]

Using AI to boost supplier & ingredient risk assessment

Let's talk about supplier and ingredient risk assessment. Food risk assessment is the process through which food safety or supplier compliance teams need to calculate a risk indicator for thousands of ingredients and hundreds of suppliers, so that they rank them in [...]

How can AI revolutionize traditional horizon scanning?

There are different ways that food safety teams can stay informed about incidents and emerging risks that could be critical to their supply chain. For example, regularly checking official, trusted websites like the European RASFF portal and the US FDA [...]

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