At Agroknow, we believe that what we do makes this world a better place. Everyday at work, we look for smart ways in which we can find solutions to some of the grand challenges that humanity is currently facing. This is something more important than making profit or simply making a good living. It is about something bigger than every single one of us.

Of course we do some very cool things too. We harness emerging technologies like big data analytics, machine learning, Internet of Thing (IoT), and blockchain to achieve greater visibility across the supply chain. We collect, translate and enrich global food safety data from reliable, official sources. Our SaaS platform provides intelligence that enables every company in the supply chain to make decisions with confidence.

Most important : we are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace that gives a tremendous emphasis on its culture. Our values define the way in which we have agreed to behave. They correspond to criteria that we use when making decisions. They are the lens through which we see all our successes and failures. They are what help us understand what has gone well or terribly bad on every occasion.

Above all, we believe in a sustainable and ethical way of doing business. We respect our colleagues, our partners, our clients . We work as a team, rather as individuals — no matter how much expertise or talent we may have. We include, embrace and highlight honesty and uniqueness. We want to be exactly the ones that you see and talk to, communicating in a fair and transparent way. We are willing to go the extra mile in every little thing that we do. We enjoy and love our job.

If you share a similar passion for a more sustainable future for our planet; if you feel that our culture can be an environment in which you may thrive: let’s work together to make sure that everyone has access to safer food.