1st Int. Summit on Privacy-preserving AI for Food Risk Intelligence

Discover how Privacy-Preserving AI can revolutionize Food Risk Intelligence and the potential for innovative cooperation between stakeholders.

Step 1: Watch the recorded version of the 1st International Summit on Privacy-Preserving AI for Food Risk Intelligence on YouTube. The event, now available for online viewing, defines the food safety challenges, discusses the role of predictive AI technologies, and introduces the groundbreaking project led by EFRA (Extreme Food Risk Analytics). Hear success stories from existing food intelligence networks such as FIIN and Food Fortress, and learn about the future of proactive food safety strategies.

Step 2: Dive deeper into the revolutionary work of EFRA and their unique privacy-preserving-by-design AI training methodology through the presentations and discussions captured in the summit recording. Witness how EFRA’s AI models respect data privacy while offering advanced predictive capabilities for food risk. Understand their innovative two-level approach that ensures no sensitive data leaves the company premises during AI model training.

Step 3: Even though the summit has concluded, the mission is ongoing. We invite industry experts, data scientists, researchers, and regulatory bodies to continue contributing to the development of trustworthy, accurate, and fair AI systems for food risk prevention. By collaborating, we can usher in a new era of proactive food safety measures and create a safer, healthier future for food consumption worldwide.

Interested in being part of this transformative journey? Reach out to us for more information or to discuss possible collaborations here.