“Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent Emerging Risks: A Practical Guide For Food Manufacturers“ explains where and how this technology may add value in the risk mitigation and prevention practices of food manufacturing companies.

This guide is addressed to food safety and quality professionals who are curious as to how food tech can help their bottom line. It explains the value that AI & predictive analytics may offer in three types of internal decisions: risk monitoring, risk assessment, and risk prevention. It also introduces a practical way in which they may assess, select and prioritize intervention areas that matter most to their company.

Through this guide, you will learn:
● Why AI-powered predictions bring a paradigm shift in food risk prevention and mitigation
● How predictions can improve and enhance incident monitoring and horizon scanning
● How risk assessment of ingredients and suppliers may be automated and digitized
● How testing and auditing priorities can be dynamically informed and updated by estimating the probability of an upcoming risk
● Which practical steps can be followed to evaluate and select the right predictive analytics solution for your company