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One food safety data standard to rule them all?

The time to solve digital interoperability problems and help ensure a more transparent, interoperable and safe food system has come. Within the next few years, the vision described in the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint can become a reality. [...]

Towards a truly interoperable food system: the data challenges ahead

This has been one of the most interesting discussions that I have watched in months. Frank Yiannas, the U.S. FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, giving an interview to Bob Carpenter of  GS1 US at the GS1 US Connect 2020 Digital Edition. Talking about a more interoperable food [...]

The art and science of food safety predictions

You will agree with me that predictive analytics for food safety needs plenty of science. I believe that it also needs an artistic touch as well. Not everyone will try to crack a food safety analytics problem in the same way. Building [...]

The hidden risks of hazelnuts in the chocolate supply chain

Surge in confectionery demand in COVID-19 lockdown The chocolate industry is one of the top performing sectors of the confectionery industries. Cocoa and chocolate products rely on high-quality ingredients and raw materials, strict supplier partnership schemes and conformity to clearly [...]

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