During October, our technology team had their hands full, our sprint planning was showing that by the end of the month our new module was to be released! And this was one of the most exciting modules in our platform: our Predictions Dashboard. Since a lot has been said about predictive analytics in the food industry, we are now briefly presenting the applicability of our state-of-the-art tool, to enhance the leader’s decision-making across the entire food supply chain.

What can we do in the Predictions Dashboard?

First, it is highly customizable. Existing users can use pre-created preferences from their customized dashboard or add new ones to be used for Predictive Analytics. Predictions per ingredient and/or country of origin are available in this new module.



The analysis starts with the overall number of incidents for the selected ingredient or product category. The trend of the incidents over the past 12 months, compared with what our models predict will happen next, is also plotted in a chart to study the trend and tendency of the incidents.


Time to dive deeper into our predictions

What are the hazards that are likely to increase, how will they affect the Risk Evaluation based on our algorithms, and how does the risk value of the riskiest hazard evolve over time? All of these questions are answered in the second part of the Predictions Dashboard.


The Predictions Dashboard also includes incidents for a selected country for the next 12 months.

In addition, users can view product recipes from their accounts that will be affected by incidents over the next 12 months.


In a few words, this is the alpha version of our Prediction Dashboard. It is available to all our users, existing or trial, for testing and experimentation. Currently, 80 ingredients are available and this list, along with the predictions offered, is updated monthly. We are also continually working to increase the coverage of this module in terms of ingredients and product categories.


If you’d like to discover how FOODAKAI can help your Food Safety & Quality team prevent product recalls by monitoring & predicting risks, schedule a call with us!