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Why work with us?

At Agroknow, we believe that what we do makes this world a better place. Everyday at work, we look for smart ways in which we can find solutions to some of the grand challenges that humanity is currently facing. This [...]

Our Annual Food Safety Intelligence Outlook

As the second decade of the 21st century has concluded, no one can dispute the fact that food safety is amongst the global top priorities. Last year can be considered very active in terms of food safety related matters. As [...]

Using big data to predict food fraud

How can one monitor food fraud incidents around the world in almost real time? Can large-scale data analysis reveal patters related to the way that people modify food products, ingredients or packaging for economic gain? Is it possible to predict [...]

WE Are The Greeks

In this company, we always aimed at having a multi-cultural and multi-national team, to embrace and understand and appreciate diversity. During the years, our team has included people from Romania, Latvia, Belgium, UK, USA and other countries. Many of us [...]

Getting the open science aficionados together

What if all European research could be made available to everyone, for free? How about making all scientific outcomes that EU taxpayers fund a common, shared resource that may fuel innovation from the public and private sector? Is it possible [...]

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