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Investing in Agtech and Foodtech: investors take note

We care about food. The world cares about food more than ever before. Investors should take note. Rising demand, diverse new patterns of consumption, environmental and eco-sustainability concerns, both in terms of production as well as the footprint certain practices [...]

Together we see things differently

Here is what’s on top of my reading list at the minute. It’s a booklet all about the way you can be crystal clear on the added value you bring to your clients. It’s Intercom’s Sales Handbook , a collection [...]

What does a new Era mean for us

May 2018. In Crete, enjoying Open Harvest once more. Small groups of people, getting lost in secret corners of Chania’s medieval town. Learning about how you tell data stories, using only 6 words. My work-group is busy developing their own [...]

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