Here is what’s on top of my reading list at the minute. It’s a booklet all about the way you can be crystal clear on the added value you bring to your clients. It’s Intercom’s Sales Handbook , a collection of actionable lessons from industry leaders, like Jill Konrath:

“Seeing things differently is exactly what makes great salespeople so good at their jobs.”

I highly recommend this handbook to people with an interest in developing a sales strategy, growing a sales team and understanding modern sales techniques. Reading it got me into some serious thinking: what is it that makes us great at our job?

At Agroknow, we empower the people working on a better and more sustainable future for our planet. We enrich their perspective. We inform the way they use data and technology to add value to their everyday tasks. We work side-by-side while they are solving some really difficult problems.

In this sense, we do not offer a piece of trendy technology that one can apply to the food supply chain. We do not propose a specific way to combine and deliver agricultural data. We don’t have a perfect solution for everyone working on food and agriculture challenges around the world.

Every project is a learning curve. Hopefully it will eventually lead to a solution that makes perfect sense for the problem at hand. Not one for every similar problem in the agri-food sector, or for all the stakeholders in the supply chain. A solution that makes sense for one specific group of people, within the given context, addressing the particular challenges they face.

This is why we choose to work together. In order to see things differently; understand the value that technology can bring; explore alternative options; make sure that no obstacle or complexity is underestimated.

We work together so that we can all become better informed, more experienced, much more confident about the way that data and technology can be used to deliver intelligence to the agri-food sector.

We work together so that we can become wiser as well. We learn through every partnership and collaboration. We become better through every success and all the failures. We become more humble, as well as more convinced that technology can help address the great challenges that humanity and our planet are facing, to secure sufficient, safe and healthy food for all.

We work together, because we believe that this is the only way to start seeing technology and data in a completely different light. One which will radically transform the way the world’s food is produced.