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What does the future hold for chocolate?

The latest food safety data insights on chocolate and its main ingredients Based on the recently published report about the lessons learned for chocolate products, we took a deep dive into the food safety data insights. The goal is to [...]

How do you calculate ROI on food safety software?

I was discussing it the other day with Giannis: How can we measure the return on investment (ROI) on a digital technology solution like ours? This problem has already been highlighted by others. I recently read a very interesting GFSI [...]

Data-empowering the Food Safety Sector

Ensuring global food safety depends on data. There is data concerning food recalls and border rejections, data pertaining to a huge amount of raw ingredients and commodities, and data unpacking all the possible hazards behind a food safety incident. When [...]

Resilient food systems: how can sharing data help?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increasing global concern — especially around its impact on the global food supply chain. Our team often receives questions, comments and concerns from food safety professionals in our network. Many companies look for [...]

Building a collaborative food safety ecosystem

“With access to data within the global supply chain, businesses and professionals within the industry can identify any increasing risk trends or incidents that need global attention." - my recent opinion article at Food & Drink Business, Australia’s leading food [...]

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