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The art and science of food safety predictions

2021-05-14T12:19:09+02:00By |

You will agree with me that predictive analytics for food safety needs plenty of science. I believe that it also needs an artistic touch as well. Not everyone will try to crack a food safety analytics problem in the same way. Building [...]

The hidden risks of hazelnuts in the chocolate supply chain

2020-07-22T14:37:32+02:00By |

Surge in confectionery demand in COVID-19 lockdown The chocolate industry is one of the top performing sectors of the confectionery industries. Cocoa and chocolate products rely on high-quality ingredients and raw materials, strict supplier partnership schemes and conformity to clearly [...]

The power of data behind keeping food safe

2021-11-12T12:52:21+02:00By |

It is no secret that making intelligent use of data is one of the most exciting — and important — evolutions in enterprise technology. COVID-19 has increased the need to access data and technology with social distancing and lockdown measures [...]

“We are taking people on a journey into data”

2020-07-08T11:17:33+02:00By |

During the 2020 Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Conference in Seattle, Nikos Manouselis, CEO of Agroknow, gave an interview to Alexandra Emanuelli, Digital Content Editor at the Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR). Alexandra is a graduate of the University of [...]

What does the future hold for chocolate?

2021-11-12T12:47:56+02:00By |

The latest food safety data insights on chocolate and its main ingredients Based on the recently published report about the lessons learned for chocolate products, we took a deep dive into the food safety data insights. The goal is to [...]

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