Explore FOODAKAI’s Features

Food safety risk estimation as easy as ABC

A cloud based solution

FOODAKAI is a cloud subscription based solution. Your organisation does not need to install and maintain anything. You can access FOODAKAI from everywhere and from any device.

FOODAKAI is a global database

FOODAKAI provides access to more than 56.000 food safety incidents that are announced by official sources. The food incidents go back to 1980 and cover more than 170 countries.

FOODAKAI covers all the hazard types and all the product categories.

You can customize FOODAKAI to your business needs

Personalised dashboard
You can have a personalized dashboard that will focus only on the hazards, products and origins of interest, while still being able to access all the data.
FOODAKAI will send you alarms for the food recalls and border rejections that are relevant to your products and ingredients.

You can generate the food safety analytics for ingredients, products, hazards and origins

FOODAKAI allows the generation of statistics that you really need to identify the risks in your supply chain. All the diagrams are interactive, dynamic and you can always access the original announcement. Compare products, ingredients and origins, generate the statistics and save the results.

Check your suppliers

Check if a current or a new supplier from a specific region has been previously involved in a food safety incident and how.

Free text search
Powerful free text search based on supplier’s name
Filter the results using the origin, products and hazard facets

Live risk assessment for your products

FOODAKAI provides to you a live risk assessment for all your products. Identify which are the products at high risk based on the recent trends.

Generate your risk assessment report

Generate the risk assessment report that you need to comply with the food safety standards.

Upload your company’s internal data

  • Upload inspection results, non conformities, rejections & lab analyses
  • Benchmark results with your company’s own standards
  • Identify trends in your data
  • Digitize food safety management within your Group

Innovation Pilots

In this world of techno-optimism data is the point of competitive advantage. FOODAKAI teams up with innovators to address specific challenges.

Our system can be adapted to your needs by:

  • extending functionalities
  • piloting & validating new solutions

We are an agile team of experts focused on bringing innovative solutions in the food safety era. We are fast at embracing new business needs and crafting new meaningful services